Teaching Languages

The ML and other curricular areas:

A cross-curricular approach helps us meet each child's learning style and helps all children develop an interest in modern language learning.

Some enjoy sport, others enjoy cooking and some have an artistic side.

Children are so busy enjoying activities they don’t even realize they are learning and using so much of their new language.


Making cards for various occasions

Competitions i.e. European Language Day see attachment.


Quiz on capital cities


Children love to hear about the history from Germany and especially on Berlin. We have done fantastic work including a project on Berlin where children researched themselves and produced a masterpiece. see attachment.


We play games in and outside to practice numbers /phrases and to give children an opportunity to actively use the language.


We have made and decorated cookies at Christmas time.

Our Deutsche Frühstuck has become an exciting annual event.


We participated in a competition run by the Goethe institute in which we created a fun game combining German and maths.

Calculating ages when learning about family members has also proven to be a fun activity.


Role-plays are fun; children are in real life situations i.e. buying sweets in a shop.

The Modern Language and the local community:

Children from fifth and sixth class joined the Dungarvan Brass Band at Christmas to sing Silent Night in three different languages English, Irish and German. We were also featured in the local newspaper - click here to see the article!

We have had a penal exchange with a German school. Parents and grandparents are always present at the graduation night and this provides children with an opportunity to display their achievements in German.