Welcome to the MLPSI! We hope that this year marks the beginning of a very successful language learning experience for your whole school community. In this section we hope to inform you of the information you need to know in order to properly establish modern language learning in your school. If at any time you cannot find/access the information you need, please contact your Regional Advisor or the National Coordinator by email or phone - Contact Details
If your school is new to the MLPSI, or if you are a new Principal, you will hopefully find our First Steps Information Sheet of use. 

Please click here to refer to the DES's Information Notice on the MLPSI for 2011 - 2012 - This document contains information on the Payment of Visiting Teachers and other information of use in the management of the project at school level.  

 Things you need to do in November:  
  • SCHOOL PROFILE FORM - Make sure your School Profile Form has been returned to the Kildare Education Centre. This is posted to your school but can also be downloaded by clicking here
  • TIMETABLE - Ensure that the modern language timetable has been arranged and that all staff and parents are aware that your school is now part of the MLPSI. The following document has been prepared to assist Principals and their staff in the allocation of time for the modern language teaching - please click here to download it
  • POST - Ensure that all post and other documentation related to the MLPSI is left in an assigned cubby hole for the language teacher(s) and/or language coordinator
  • Please ensure that all staff members are aware of the Support Services available through the MLPSI - click on the link to download a poster for the Staff Room which outlines the various ways in which you can access support and advice
  • CURRICULUM - All new schools receive a CD containing the NCCA's Draft Curriculum Guidelines and Teacher Guidelines. If you need to download more copies, you can do so by clicking here
  • MLPSI SUPPORT - Contact your Regional Advisor to organise a support visit for your school
  • RESOURCES - Look up the language section of the MLPSI website and also download the resource list for your chosen language. Your Regional Advisor will be able to give advice on which resources to invest in
  • VISIBILITY - It is important to make sure that the modern language is visible around the school from the beginning of the school year. Click here for some tips on improving visibility
  • INFORMATION FOR PARENTS - Click here to download an Information Leaflet for Parents which you can distribute at open days, induction events or parent-teacher meetings, as well as have linked on your website or leave in hard copy at your school's reception area.
  • PRINCIPALS' SEMINARS - Please note that we will be hosting a the remaining events in this series of regional seminars for Principals in the Spring term. These events will be both for Principals from existing MLPSI schools and for Principals who may be interested in applying to join. More details have been sent to all MLPSI schools and details of venues and dates can be accessed here
  • GUIDELINES FOR NEW VTs - If your school employs a Visiting Teacher, please download our guidelines for the Induction of VTs
  • VT GRANTS -  If your school is eligible for these grants, please return completed forms to Primary Administration, Section 1, DES, Athlone. A guide to filling out the VT grant form can be downloaded here
  • Please also note that if your school would like to host a Comenius Assistant who can assist with modern language teaching in your school,  the deadline for applications usually January for the following school year.
  • Please note that the MLPSI is a support service and we are happy to deal with all queries pertaining to the teaching and learning of modern languages including training, resources, european funding opportunities etc. Please direct all financial queries re. grants etc. to colleagues in Schools Division Financial, Department of Education and Skills, Athlone - tel. 09064-83971.
Visiting Teachers should note that the higher rate of pay can only be paid to teachers whose qualifications have been ratified by the Teaching Council - please see their website for further details
This page will be updated on a regular basis....check back regularly for further information and updates!
Last updated, November 21st 2011.